Selling YOUR farm business or land is a very complex process. In addition to managing the commercial, financial and legal aspects, it is necessary to know how to negotiate efficiently. WE are experts in this field! With our services, you are guaranteed to pass all these steps successfully.


Knowledge of the agricultural environment

A real estate broker and a team that works and dedicates their career to the benefit of farmers working exclusively in the field of agriculture. Dairy, beef, swine, maple, poultry (laying hen, grilled chicken, duck), field crops (corn, soybeans, silage, straw cereals), market gardening (tomato, cucumber, cauliflower) ), lamb.

The project of your buyers will have no secret for us!

Expertise in agricultural land legislation (CPTAQ)

When it comes to selling your farm, it is very difficult not to talk about the CPTAQ. The laws and regulations governing the Quebec farm protection commission are complex! Several transactions abort at the moment of passing the deed of sale to the notary, due to lack of knowledge of the parties when realizing the promise to purchase! Avoid the pitfalls of this regulation. Give us your project, if necessary we will know how to accompany you in all the necessary steps to obtain authorization from the CPTAQ.

A thorough knowledge of this regulation allows us to get the BEST price for your farm, by proposing creative solutions!

Business Sales Expertise

Carrying out a transaction on the share capital of a company is a very effective means of financing. This allows farmers to use their current leverage as well as that of the business they are considering buying. Buying a company’s shares is not easy! In addition to having to validate all the usual information, it is also necessary to carry out a due diligence and proceed to the issuing of a fiscal memo. It is imperative during these transactions to have a resource person, who knows the different aspects and obligations of professionals, lawyer, notary, taxman, accountant, agronomist etc. to act in such a transaction, and who will be able to coordinate their efforts in order to effectively complete the transaction. Do not overlook the difficult aspects and negotiation between the signing of the promise to purchase and the signing of the deed of sale.

Ms. Jo-Annie Bonneau currently studying TAX in university in order to broaden her talents as a facilitator for share capital transactions.

Strong teamwork

When you are looking to sell a farm, agri-food business or land, your broker uses the power of the MLS® system and its CONTACT NETWORKS to target potential buyers. We then accompany you to each step of the process, preparation of documents for due diligence, study of tax impacts on selling price etc. Finally, we represent you at the time of negotiation, a delicate task where the help of a seasoned professional is indispensable. Finally, the broker will be present at all stages of the sale of the farming business, until signing with the notary!

Real estate brokerage training

The real estate broker has a solid training and holds a certificate of practice issued by the Québec Real Estate Brokerage Self-Regulatory Organization (OACIQ). A skilled negotiator, he has mastered many tools and uses a solid network of contacts, ranging from the building inspector to the notary, the financial institution and the mortgage broker. In fact, your broker acts almost as one-stop shop! Not to mention that its presence guarantees you the legal protection stipulated in the Real Estate Brokerage Act, to that account, why do without a broker? The real estate broker must follow continuing education programs that YOU provides the BEST TIPS.

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