Conseiller Stratégique Agricole

Graduated in agronomy from Laval University and holding an eMBA from the University of Sherbrooke, Robert Savage has been
an agronomist for almost 30 years. He has worked in the agriculture and forestry financing for 16 years in various organizations, including Desjardins, the Financière agricole du Québec and Farm Credit Canada.

Accredited as a Financial expert by Agriculture Agri-Food Canada for nearly 10 years. Examiner for ordre des Agronomes du Québec for almost 30 years.

Robert SavagePresent across Québec, Robert Savage has a global vision of agriculture and its issues. Sweden, Ireland, Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, United States, are a few places where he organized and participated in missions and trips with farmers to rethink the agriculture in Quebec!

He shares his knowledge as a speaker in conferences, which not only aim to inform his listeners, but invites them to rethink their reality and their ways of farming. His goal: to change the agricultural entrepreneurship in Quebec.

Drawing on an international network and extensive expertise in agriculture, Robert Savage is involved in strategic phases of business development, such as investment, farm transfer, financial restructuring and damage assessment. He puts his experience to service farmers by developing strategies to increase the performance of their farm in a perspective of sustainability and profitability.

Cell phone: 819 571-1497 
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