Agricultural Commercial Real Estate Broker

Graduated from Waterloo University (Ontario) with a degree in psychology, a degree in Marketing from McGill University, and an MBA from Sherbrooke University, Jo-Annie Bonneau has been working in the agricultural field for more than 5 years. She has worked in financing, financial planning, investment strategies, as well as manufacturing and the service industry.

Jo-Annie BonneauJo-Annie Bonneau now holds a commercial real estate broker license. She relies on her broad experience, the multidisciplinary approach and agricultural expertise to seal commercial deals for her clients.

Notaries, lawyers, agronomists, inspectors, bankers, financial analysts, are just some of the key people whom she coordinates brilliantly in all real estate transactions.

She uses her financial expertise in her numerous real estate transactions, by ensuring the sale of businesses and projects that are strategically bankable.

Doing business all over Quebec, she will help you identify real business opportunities!

Cell phone : 819 345-3059
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