Did you know that when buying a farm, you must have an amount of cash in cash to cover the start-up costs? The down payment and the monthly payment are not the only costs to consider at the time of purchase.

The start-up costs should not be taken lightly; Therefore, sufficient funds must be available. Of course, all will add project cost, but you will have to expect to be able to disburse all these costs according to the project phase.

Here are some start-up costs PRE-PROJECT:

  • Inspection and Property Assessment
  • Realization of the business plan
  • Funding Case Study
  • Study of tax aspects
  • Accounting
  • Studies of legal aspects (regulations, permits, etc.)

Here are some start-up costs at the time of purchase:

  • Notary fees
  • Charges for adjustment of accounts indicated by the notary (electricity, heating, municipal and school taxes, lease of equipment, etc.)
  • Transfer tax (welcome tax)
  • Moving expenses
  • Connection charges (telephone, electricity, etc.)
  • Application for permit, certificate of authorization and others.
  • Setting up your company, Constitution fee.
  • Financing Application Fees

Here are some start-up costs in START OF PROJECT:

  • Renewal or increase of livestock
  • Updating or Replacing the Power System
  • Machinery Update
  • Updating or replacing certain equipment
  • Purchase of quota (production quota)
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